Kim Kardashian Says She's Grateful for What Trump Did! [WATCH]

Kim Kardashian stepped into Big Boy's Neighborhood to talk about pretty much everything with Big Boy. It's no secret that she caused a lot of mixed emotions after meeting with Trump to talk about prison reform and mainly of the release of Alice Marie Johnson. The world let Kim have it after  her meeting with trump even though she was successful in the release of Alice. Hit play to hear what Kim had to say about that meeting and her relationship with Trump. What are your thoughts? 


"I may not agree with all of the president's policies but if that's that one man that can make these decisions and get people out, you better believe I don't care about my reputation, I don't care about comments, I don't care about what anyone is going to say. I'll be focused I'll go in and I'll get the job done." -KIM KARDASHIAN WEST 


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