Is THIS The Reason Kourtney Dumped Her BF?

Break-Ups usually suck! Especially if it's not a mutual thing! Kourtney and Younes had been dating since 2016 but now have called it quits, and even though I didn't think he was a good fit for her, she seemed happy and that's all that mattered! 

But it seems like not everything was happy in paradise, according to sources close to the family, the reason Kourtney pulled the plug on the relationship is because she was tired of his jealously! 

And we saw a bit of that when she posted a photo on Instagram of herself in a Tong Bikini!

He had left a comment on the photo that said “This is what you need to show to get likes?!”

Apparently he understood that social media was apart of her job but he just wanted her to post photos of her more covered up! GET OVER IT - SHE's HOT!!!! 

After Younes was spotted in Mexico hanging out with some girls he felt the need to address the break up in his IG story!

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