Woman With Disability Turned Away From Nail Salon, Walmart Employee Paints


This is such a beautiful story and I do hope people are inspired by this!

Ebony Harris, a cashier at a Walmart in Burton, Michigan, offered to paint Angela Peters' nails during her break. Peters' who has cerebral palsy, said she was denied service at a nail salon because her hands sometimes shake, and "she moves too much."

A bystander, Tasia Smith, shared this beautiful story in a Facebook post: "Today, this sweet girl went into burton Wal-Mart's nail salon "Da Vi nails" and they denied her service because "she moves too much".. Out of the kindess of the walmart workers hearts they went and bought nail polish and came into my work to paint this sweet girls nails. They were so patient with her (which she did great, barely moved & was just so sweet).. Its an absolute shame that they denied her for some thing so little. They will not be getting any service from me ever again! Thank you to the walmart workers for making this beautiful girls day! 💜"



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