What Would You Do If This Happened To You?

Have you ever been to the grocery store and realize you don't have enough money for all your stuff?! Well something similar happened to Therra Gwyn Jaramillo while she was at the grocery store. So Therra lost her husband a few years ago and had been struggling emotionally and financially. A friend of hers wanted to help out so she gave her a gift card to the grocery store, unfortunately when she got to the register she realized she wasn't going to have enough money on the card to cover everything. But it was her lucky day because the person right behind her was Ludacris. After there was a mixup with their stuff, Luda realized what was going on and offered to pay for all her groceries. He spent $375!!! WOW!!!! Therra admits that she didn't recognize Ludacris, especially since he introduced himself as Chris and she was crying a lot. It wasn't until he left that the clerk pointed out that it was him! Awwww - that was pretty sweet of you Luda!!!


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