Amber Rose Says If You Have Half-Siblings—Your Mom Is a H*e

Amber Rose had a few things to get off her chest. 

She's not putting up with women being judged for their sexual past. In a recent instagram post she said: "Like Damn! I’ve only been with 4 people sexually in my whole life!!!! 😡 Wait..... 7! No 12! Hold on. 1,2,3,4,5 shit I lost count 😔 Anywaaaaay 🙄 Somewhere between 4 and 100,092,837 🤷🏼‍♀️ The bottom line is it doesn’t matter. If you’re NOT a virgin you’re somebody’s sloppy seconds 😆 and if you are a virgin it’s not gonna change the fact that someone will make up a rumor about you doing something sexual with someone and slut shame you for it 😒 this is the society we live in, so as people let’s do better. Men and women, please stop putting women down for their sexual history it’s really fucking annoying. Mind your goddamn business and let us live freely in our own sexuality. P.S do you have half brothers or sisters from your mom? Do you have a stepdad? Has your mom had sex with anyone after being with your dad or before him? Do you ever think of the act it took for your mother to get pregnant with you? Yup! She’s a “hoe” too! Yay! 🤗"

Do you agree with her?

For anyone who felt offended by her post, she had another one just for you:

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