Kim Kardashian Claps Back After Tyson Beckford Calls Her Body 'Not Real'

Have you ever wondered if celebrities get fed up from constantly getting negative comments from the public?

You could be loved by most but still hated by many, but when you're a huge celebrity you definitely see and hear that way more... because you're known to way more people than the average person.

Kim Kardashian and her family seem like they could do no right for the world. 

Most of the time they don't reply to their negativity but from time to time you'll get that clap-back.

The Shade Room posted a picture of Kim Kardashian West arriving for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Monday and she was wearing tight black pants and a black cut-out top.

That picture didn't seem to sit well with model, Tyson Beckford, who commented on the picture calling her body "not real:"

Check out Kim's clap-back to his response above.

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