Are G-Eazy & Halsey Getting Back Together?!

Last month, Halsey took to her Instagram account and told her fans that she and G-Eazy were taking a break. To me, that felt more like a break up, especially after she said she "wished him the best." - But after a few weeks it seems like they just can't quit each other. G-Eazy posted this photo below! 


And of course Halsey left a comment!! She left three things in her comment and we've all been hard at work trying to figure out what is going on. So she left a Cloud Emoji, a Tornado Emoji and a Rain drop Emoji...or tear drop emoji!


what do you think?! What was Halsey trying to say??? 

So maybe it wasn't heart emoji's or anything that is close to love, BUT at least she left a comment. I'm not going to lie, give it a few months and these two will be spotted together and before the end of the year we'll be talking about how they're back together...maybe HAHA!


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