Post Malone Says People Think He's "Ugly" & "Smells"


I didn't understand what was going on at first, but let me break this down for you. 

The internet has been heavily campaigning for Post Malone to go on the 3rd season of Netflix's makeover show "Queer Eye." 

One of the stars from the show, Karamo Brown, was just as confused as you and I as to why people were nominating Post Malone to be on this show.

"Why does every want @PostMalone to be on the show. Did he request it?" Brown tweeted.

NO Mr. Brown, he didn't request to be on show so Post Malone replied to explain the reasoning behind it.

He tweeted to Brown, "no they just think I'm ugle and smell lol. love the show tho guys, keep crushing it."


Aw, even then he still kept it super humble! 

I love Posty - he's just a ROCKSTAR (I know that was cheesy, let me live!)



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