Justin Bieber Is Engaged!

First things first, does this mean we get mini-Biebers? ahh, I hope so! They'll be so cute.

Okay, back to the story here. According to TMZ, Justin Bieber proposed to his girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin, Saturday night.

2 women claimed they saw it all happen in a resort in the Bahamas (ahh, so cute.) 

They explained that Justin's security had instructed everyone to put their phones away because something very special was about to happen. Then Justin proposed in front of everyone!

Justin and Hailey have been dating for a few months now and they had dated each other before he got back with Selena then when they broke up again.

I guess there goes my childhood couple for good, no more Jelena? 

Regardless, I wish them the best of luck and I'm excited to see married Justin!

Justin's dad is just as excited!



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