This is TRUE LOVE!!


With so much bad news out there, I thought we could all use some GOOD news! So this is Des and Mona Monahan, he's 84 and she's 83 and sadly Mona started losing her eyesight. It became harder and harder for her to do her makeup. So what did Des do? He started to learn how to apply makeup so he could help her! AAWWW OMGGGG 


One of the ladies that work at the Department store that they go to said

"They are so cute. He took the brushes from me and just started doing it himself. He's learning a lot of new things. He's a little heavy-handed sometimes, but you can't tell him that. He thinks he knows it all."

I just love that he was willing to help his wife! I know Makeup is a superficial thing, but it means a lot to women and for him to take the time to learn to help her feel beautiful is SO AMAZING!


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