Was Rihanna Arrested?!

So let's just be clear RIHANNA was NOT arrested!! But one woman went to great lengths to make the cops think they were arresting her! 

So last weeks the cops were arresting a woman in front of a Rite Aid in Beverly Hills and she didn't have an ID on her, so when they asked her what her name was she said Robyn Rihanna Fenty ... which is Rihanna's government name.

Then they asked for her birthday and she said February 20 which if you're a RiRi fan you know is Rihanna's actual birthday.

BUT she made one mistake! She said she was born in 1986...WRONG! Rihanna was  born in 1988. SO CLOSE!!!!

I mean clearly, these cops knew they weren't arresting the real Rihanna, but it was nice that they humored her for a second! The woman was cited misdemeanor trespassing and was released. 


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