Is XXXTentacion still alive?


Is XXXTentacion Still Alive? If you're one of those people who enjoy conspiracy theories, you're going love this. The internet is blowing up with rumors that rapper XXXTentacion isn't really dead - and they actually have a point.XXXTentacion was reportedly shot dead in his car. A video has surfaced online with the rapper looking lifeless in his car. In the video, we hear someone say "no pulse" and a lot of the major headlines include the words "no pulse"... Conspiracy theorists are saying he has an album coming up in the next few days called, you guessed it, "No Pulse" - This hasn't been confirmed. Conspiracy theorists are also questioning why there was no blood in the video of the rapper after he was shot. To add fuel to the fire, XXXTentacion has not only talked about an early death in the past, he's also reportedly faked his own death before. Not to mention, his 2 albums have skyrocketed in the past 24 hours with one rising 306% and the other rising 9,000% - and he has been recorded once saying that no one cares about you until you die.Is this all just a wild marketing scheme? Or are silly conspiracy theories just taking away from a serious tragedy? I think people need to stop reaching and let him rest in peace. 


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