J. Cole Proves He's Just Like You & Confirms New Album On The Way

"KOD" has been my obsession since it came out, and it's safe to say it's been on repeat.

I have so many questions, just like any normal J. Cole fan. 

I specified the "J. Cole fan" part because we always like to think there's more than what he's showing us on the surface...so to see him be so active on social media is the best thing we could witness! (I'm being dramatic but real at the same time!)

So he confirmed the album was done in 2 weeks and this is only the "first version" of the album, and my detective skills tell me that another one is on the way.

There will NEVER be such a thing as "too much J. Cole" anything.

I'm trying to remain calm as he confirmed the second deluxe album with NEW music!

I took a screenshot of this to ask him next year. But, I wonder if he means exactly a year from the day that tweet was sent or he meant anytime in 2019... *thinking emoji*

Side note: this is what I mean about J. Cole fans questioning everything... can we take a chill pill? This obviously applies to me as well, extra dosage. 

Second side note: music videos cost A LOT.

Damn, why didn't he put "Motiv8" on there... that's my favorite! Oh wait, this was COLE's favorite picks... not mine *eye roll* 

ASK ME WHAT MY FAVORITE SONGS ARE... ASK! (This would be the appropriate time to take a chill pill.)

Oh stop Cole, you're making me blush...

Okay, I'm done obsessing over him... let's continue with the blog....

J. Cole is just like the rest of us, meaning he is human! He's addicted to social media, something me and him have in common. Soulmates?

P.S... if for any reason you read this Jeremiah Cole, love you. That's all, shooting my shot out here!

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