Cosby Loses His Cool After Guilty Verdict Is Read

Comedian Bill Cosby lost it after he was found guilty on three counts of sexual assault. As Cosby’s lawyers were arguing with the prosecution about whether Cosby should be allowed to remain free on bail, the prosecution pleaded that Cosby would be a flight risk due to him owning a plane. 

Cosby stood up and screamed, “I don’t have a plane, you a___hole, shows how much you know!” Judge Steven O’Neill ruled that Cosby could remain free on $1 million bail but the actor would have to surrender his passport.

Cosby was also ordered to stay in Montgomery County until his sentencing which hasn’t been scheduled. Judge O’Neill addressed the court saying, “Because of his age, his medical issues, I am not going to simply lock him up because of this.

Do you think Bill Cosby should receive jail time?

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