Everything We Know About J. Cole's Upcoming Album + Preview New Song

Will it ever be enough? No. The answer to the question you don't even know is, no. I will NEVER get enough of J. Cole, I will keeping asking for new music because J. Cole is amazing and I simply can't get enough of him. 

Monday he took to Twitter to announce an upcoming album... this FRIDAY!

Here's what we know about this album:

  • no features

  • 12 tracks, last track is "1985" which is the intro to another project

  • According to Payan, the album features a lot of vocal experimentation over menacing production and plenty of 808s, but not much in the way of boom bap.

  • Cole initially recorded the album in two weeks but went back to the drawing board to perfect the final three tracks. He says he knew he could "create a classic."

I literally can't handle it, I'm low key even salty because he held a little private show in New York (I wouldn't have enough time to fly out there and get in line, or else I would.) 

But I'm salty it wasn't out in L.A!

Don't ask "how?" but although it said "no phone" somehow someone got their phone in, recorded a snippet of what's allegedly going to be on his album, & posted it... listen below

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