Snoop Dogg Says He Bows Down To Beyonce

Singer Beyonce has the world shook after her phenomenal headlining performance at Coachella Weekend 1 this past Saturday in Indio, California. 

2012 Coachella headliner, rap legend Snoop Dogg had some words for Queen Bey saying that she has dethroned his favorite two performers at Coachella. 

"There has been a reshuffling of the order now, meaning that there's a new top three performers of all time at Coachella. Naturally you would say, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg is definitely the top three," Snoop Dogg said in an Instagram video. "Now, I don't know who else was in there, but I'm going move somebody out to put Beyonce in there -- right above me and Dr. Dre. Because that s**t last night? Spectacular. Brilliant. Amazing. I bow down to the queen. The queen Bey. Beyonce is now the number one performer at Coachella, all time. Me and Dr. Dr... we right behind you."

Safe to say we agree with you, Uncle Snoop. 

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