Cardi B in Big Boy's Neighborhood

When Big Boy asked about Cardi B's "I'm finally free!" exclamation after her SNL performance she explained that didn't want to tell anyone about her baby because she didn't want to hear all the negativity in the media. She follows up saying that if it wasn't for the the paparazzi she wouldn't have been forced to tell her label, Atlantic Records, about her pregnancy.

Cardi B is beautiful and she definitely knows how to have fun on camera. Check out these pictures!

Cardi B is no stranger to Khloe's situation. Her advice was to do what your heart feels. In the second clip you can get an idea of where her head is at about love.

Big Boy really tried to see if he could get an answer on the sex of the baby... but apparently we already know.

There's no doubt that Cardi B is living her best life ever! Watch the full interview below.

Published at BigBoyTV on Apr 13, 2018


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