Neighborhood Playlist: Wale Drops New Music "Negotiations"

What a beautiful way to start your Friday morning off, huh? 

So much new music...

what else do we need? 

Probably more $$$ so I can buy gas and drive around the city listening to all this heat!

It's been a cool minute since we've heard from Wale (we need to have a talk about this because that's not cool Wale... but we'll touch base later... let's continue with the blog.)

His art with is LITERALLY "fire" and the song itself... man, Folarin got one! The simpliest way I can describe this song is... "F the haters!" and fans are with him!

Make sure to support your favorite artist and BUY their song:

I really want you guys to check out this episode of "Hot Ones" with special guest Wale... you'll LOVE him after this if you don't already.

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