Jay-Z Speaks On His Relationship With Kanye West "We're Beyond Friends"

We know you're on Netflix... the whole world seems to be soooo if you haven't seen David Letterman's new show "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction," I'll introduce you to it. The show is self explanatory... Letterman's guests are so well known that your grandma won't google them.

His most recent superstar guest is Jay-Z and here's a teaser of what you can look forward too.

Jay-Z told David Letterman that there is no bad blood between him and Kanye! 

Brothers FIGHT AND ARGUE! You fight with your siblings ALL the time, doesn't mean you don't love them or that you aren't gonna be there for them when you need them. 

Don't let media fool you, it does that often. These guys are brothers for life & this is one of my favorite blogs for that!

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