Ever Wondered How Kendrick Lamar Would Sound on 90s Dr. Dre Beats?

REAL Hip Hop fans would really enjoy this one.

Popular DJ Critical Hype who is known for some of his best work with Piegons and Planes, Highsnobiety, HotNewHipHop and much more. He is now bringing us the best of two Compton legends together to give us a taste of these classics would sound.

This isn't the first we seen this, since a couple years ago Critical mashed up Chance The Rapper's vocals on top of Kanye's beats. 

"I was determined to make it work, but the truth is ..it wasn't easy" Critical tells Genius Lyrics.

 "A lot of tempos actually didn't mix well. It was a lot more trying to find good mixes."

Regardless of the task or some of the songs not meshing well, us fans can appreciat this. Hopefully we'll see a a joint album of Kendrick and Dr. Dre real soon.

You can stream the mixtape HERE

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