Big Sean Just Bought A Big Ring, But It Ain't For Jhene Aiko

Big Sean just bought a big ring, but it ain't for Jhene Aiko. 

He bought the ring as a birthday present to himself...

For turning 30, Sean bought a 4 carat Colombian emerald that's surrounded by 15 carats of VS diamonds. The ring was made in NYC and was delivered to him in L.A. just in time for his birthday party. 

Oh, how much was the ring bling birthday present? Oh you know... just a few college tuitions and stuff ($120k... no lie.)

High key I want to live life like Big Sean... my birthday is coming up (July 5th) and all I want is a party like Big Sean's and I want him to buy me a ring like his... well, if it's not a ring... I want something :/ - I also want Beyonce at my birthday!

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