Security Guard Tackles and Body Slams 16 Year Old Girl After False Accusing

In toledo Ohio, a teenage girl was expected to be stealing out of a Kroger grocery store. It has not been cleared on what she was trying to steal or if she was stealing however the way she was handled most of us can agree was not the correct way at all.

A store-goer happened to capture everything on video where you can see the young girl thrown on the ground with force and others around her yelling and trying to helo.

“He thinks that’s his job? To handle a little girl like that? Are you crazy?”  says one of the store-goers who was witnessing the scuffle. 

 “Tell him to get off of her!” another witness states.

After the footage went viral on Facebook, many has been sending complaints hoping to receive some justice for the teen who has sbeen charged for robbery and no charge against the security guard.

Check out the full video coverage HERE !

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