Lil Xan Hides Out From Tupac Fans

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but some don't think Lil Xan should get off that easy. 

After stating in a interview that Tupac in his opinion is boring when it comes to music, that really angered many Tupac fans to where he was pressed by a huge group of high school students in Redlands, Ca.

"They're saying I'm a pussy for the police escorting me away from a group of 20 people that wanted to jump me," Xan said in the vid. "And, you can call me a pussy all you want, but, I am not a gang-banging rapper. Am I supposed to act hard? Am I supposed to not fuck with the police 'cause I'm a rapper? Oh wait, I have to huh? 'Cause that's what cool rappers do?" say Lil Xan in the video below.

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