Kanye West Dating Site Doesn't Allow Taylor Swift Fans!

Calling all Kanye fans! If you answer yes to all the questions below... based on my standards, you qualify to be a part of the Yeezy dating site. (if you answer NO...  LEAVE! WE DON'T WANT YEEZY HATERS ON THIS PAGE.)

Are you a Kanye West Fan?

Is Kanye a Genius?

Yeah... that's all I had, if you answered "yes" then you can go ahead and proceed with the website...


Okayyy, so are you still not clicking on the site? Are you still interested in knowing what it's about before you click on a little link? I'll fill you in really quick:

1. It's for Kanye West fans looking for true love.

2. No TAYLOR SWIFT fans allowed!

3. .... it's for Kanye fans! Lol go sign up!

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