11-Yr-Old Girl Whose Dog Died on United Speaks Out: He was like my brother

I find it insane that something like this has happened in this day and age. It's crazy to think that the workers couldn't think of another way to handle this situation. It makes no sense. Peep the video below if you're not sure what I'm rambling about.

A family who lost their dog after United Airlines flight attendant made them put their pet in an overhead compartment is finally speaking out. (Writing out that full sentence gave me goosebumps. How crazy does that attendant have to be to tell them to do something like that and go through with it. Insane.)

“He was a member of our family. He was like my brother to me.” a very sad Sophia Ceballos, 11, said in an interview with Good Morning America

Dogs, or I should say animals in general, are treated as family members nowadays. So hearing a story like this is truly heartbreaking. 

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