Man Photobombs His Wife 11 Years Before Meeting Her and Didn't Know It

Okay we tend to hear so often "oh it's such a small world" based on how many people know each other, but dang it really is small when you run into your significant other years before knowing each other.

According to Channels News Asia,  a couple who have been married for over 11 years recently found out they were at the same place at the same time taking the exact same photo. 

The discovery came about as the Husband Mr. Ye, was going through his wife's old photo album and noticed they both visited May Fourth Square in Qingdao.

What makes this story ever crazier is the two both visited the the historic spot because both of their mother's were sick in some way. 

His wife's mother just had a surgery and wanted to go there for relaxation as his mother had suffered from appendicitis and asked his son to go in her place prior to her booking the trip there.

It doesn't even stop there. Read the rest of the story HERE

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