Nick Was Born Without Arms And Legs But What He Has Achieved Is Incredible

"You don't know what you can achieve until you try it." Inspired? A little? That's just a piece of the kind of inspiration watching this slide will bring to you. It's beautiful.

Nick Vuljcic is truly an amazing human being. His story has touched and helped so many lives. After seeing this video about his story, I couldn't help but do more research on him and I found some of the most inspirational videos. I had to share this:

"You won't get married, you can't even hold your wife's hand." is what he heard.

At age 8, he wanted to commit suicide, but he had hope. At age 10, he wanted to drown himself... now he inspires people around him to want to live. Share this video with anyone who needs to be inspired and not feel lonely.

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