Neighborhood Playlist: Blocboy JB x Drake 'Look Alive"

Let's start this off with..... DANG!! THIS SONG GOOOOOOOOOES!

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Blocboy JB is one of the hottest rappers makin' waves RIGHT NOW (don't worry, we didn't forget about our staples like Yo Gotti.) But this is someone to keep your eye and ear out for. He's a rising artist, but he's definitely not new to the game. Last year he went viral with his hits "Rover" & "Shoot."

Fast forward a year later... he has a Drake feature. 

Let's break down what it means to have Drake on your track. 

#1: It doesn't just happen to anyone nowadays. 

#2: It means you're LIT. BlocBoy JB... you're LIT! 

On top of that they already dropped visuals for their song "Look Alive."

Shoutout to Drake though for paying homage to Project & Memphis!

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