Drake Donates $50,000 To Homeless Women and Children

It's hard to hate Drake, you REALLY have to try and spend a lot of time and energy on that.... just appreciate him.

Drake dropped by Lotus House which is the only shelter for homeless women and children in Miami. Not to mention he brought toys and games for 140 kids. And he also gave away $150 Target gift cards to 130 women, and cut a $50,000 check for the organization!

Drake has been in a great mood this past week. I'm sure he helps people all the time on the low and never gets the shine for it (probably because it doesn't want it) but he's been public this week with his kindness. He's been passing out THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars to people in Miami. 

It started off at Miami University:

Then he dropped $50,000 in a grocery store when he bought everyone's groceries:

When it comes to the shelter that he donated $50,000 to, according to TMZ  the money will go directly toward funding the group's new shelter, which recently opened and holds 500 beds.

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