Kendall Jenner Throws MAJOR Shade At Scott Disick And Sofia Richie

If you've been 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' (by choice or not, they're everywhere) then you know that the oldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian has had a rough time with her baby daddy and ex boyfriend, Scott Disick. They officially broke up 2015 and it's been super unstable and rocky since. With 3 kids together, they need to manage to get along at some extent, right?

Scott has been known to mess around with a lot of women ever since his split from Kourtney, and she's been the bigger person by never coming out and commenting on it... none of the sisters have. But it all comes to an end now. 


Thank you very much. Now, moving on to the actual story.

Kendall Jenner threw shade at Scott Disick and it's gold:

LOL! Now being the nosy people that WE are (I say WE because let’s be honest, I’m dragging y’all with me, you’ve committed since opening this blog), I wonder if Kendall had to ask for permission before she posted that comment.

Let's keep it real, they don't live the normal life so anything she says or does... will get a reaction from millions of people! So this is curiosity at its finest.

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