Why Is Apple Planning On Canceling The iPhone X?

Have you gotten your new iPhone X yet? Well, if you want it, you may want to get it now before they cancel it! 

So, check this out. According to rumors and reports, they're canceling it because it wasn't doing as well as they thought it would. Now, all I have to say to everyone at Apple is... it's not the phone. It's you. Yeah, I said it! No regrets. They released two phones in one year. Our generation is not the most patient kind, so when we see a new phone out, we get it real quick. While we trying to enjoy this moment, just one month later, a new phone comes out AGAIN. We want it but we don't have that kind of cash or upgrade plans. So what I’m saying is that if they didn't release the iPhone 8... the iPhone X would probably be the best selling phone of 2017. 

I have the iPhone X and I have to say it's their best phone yet. It’s fast and the camera is INCREDIBLE! Although I’m starting to sound like a walking advertisement right about now, I'm not sponsored by Apple or anything... I'm just a big supporter. You need to see for yourself what I’m talkin’ about. 

The answer is YES, these were all taken with my iPhone X. 

Now, Apple, I’m talking to you. 

Let’s not be dramatic, and just...stick to the technology. 

Y’all are obviously good at it! 

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