Saudia Arabian Soccer Player May Face Jail For Dabbing

Whether it was Bow Wow, or Migos, or both, the fact is that the dab has been a trend for a while now. 

It's pretty common to add it to dance moves or to just randomly do it during a conversation.

Oh, you don't do that? 

 Well, I'll go ahead and plead guilty to that one!

But also found guilty of dabbing with jail time consequences was a Saudi Arabian soccer player during a match.

 Let's just say Saudi Arabia will not be playing "Look At My Dab" anytime soon; The National Committee for Combating Drugs believes the dab is a "harmful influence on youth".

But listen, if we are being honest, everything seems to be a "harmful influence on youth" nowadays. 

So, if you have that urge to dab, go on with yo bad self...unless you're in Saudi Arabia. 

But, imagine having to tell your cellmate you're in for dabbing. 

Okay, I'm done now.

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