Beyonce Hasn't Accomplished This In Almost 10 Years!

Okay, I'll give you the short story. Beyonce hasn't had a #1 record on BillBoards Hot 100 since 2008 with Single Ladies!! NOOO THIS IS NOT A JOKE! 

Isn't that crazy? 

All we (as a collective, i'm including you bc you're obviously a fan of hers one way or another since you clicked a blog with her name on it! I know booobooo.) do is sing her songs! 

(Love you too boo)

How did "Drunk In Love" not become #1? Okay whatever... i'm over it, but "Mi Gente" needs to get there too! Just saying.... but anyways, she recently jumped on the remix of Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" and it made it to #1! 

Sooo beautiful! 

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