Lavar Ball Removes His Son Off The Team!

We all have had experiences with overbearing parents. 

Like, no mom, I don't want to be a lawyer, so keep your judging to a minimum! (Ha. Ha.)

But here's an extreme example! 

LaVar Ball withdrew his son, LiAngelo from the UCLA Basketball team after the suspension he received for shoplifting in China. 

Well, maybe if I was a lawyer, I could've helped. Maybe mom was right...

Anyways, moving on. 

As a father (or maybe a coach, mentor, etc.), he felt the punishment didn't fit the crime, and wants to "explore other options" for his son. Man, these law references are killing me! 

I'm done sidetracking now, I promise. Twitter was full of thoughts and opinions about this decision.

Damn, people do not hold back nowadays. Only time will tell what it's in the future for the Ball family.

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