'I'm Not Racist' is a Phrase Heard Way Too Often

When the phrase, "I'm not racist" is spoken, it's usually a sad excuse used to justify a person's willful ignorance. 

In the video, Massachusetts rapper, Joyner Lucas takes on the conversation topics that are difficult to hear for both parties involved. The 29-year old rapper tells CNN, "the video really is the race talk that people shy away from."

The video has amassed over 7 million views; and the debate still goes on whether it only contributes to racism or if it's shining light on a much needed discussion. 

He explained, "It [the video] was an average white man speaking his mind on how he actually feels about black people," Lucas said, "and it was an average black guy talking about his interactions with white people. These are suppressed feelings that both parties have but are afraid to express."

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

WARNING: This video does contain racial stereotypes, derogatory words and profanity. NSFW 

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