Quincy White - ‘The 7’ (ALBUM STREAM)

Quincey White (formerly know as Dubb) drops his new project, The 7.

The seven tracks we’re laced with serve as a narration to Quincey’s life growing up in Athens Park. The project’s opener “Los Scandalous Times” sets a looming tone assisted by gritty rhymes that showcase daily antics of a young blood in the hood. Plotting while riding, drinking & smoking with the homies.

As the album plays on, Q hits us with “Graveyard or the Pen,” an observation of his life lead in the streets. Knowing that it only ends one of two ways: six feet under or in a cell. “Window Pain,” calls on a younger Q. Reminiscing on when he longed to be in the streets & facing the reality that hit once he was.

Midway through, we land at the “Pursuit of Happiness.” Here, Q admits that almost all his troubles can be solved by money.

“But you don’t see how far I came”

At the climax of T7, favs Jake&Papa appear on “Hollywood,” a smooth double entendre filled track about women & success. The double entendre effect continues on “Hope” (reminiscent of Pac’s “Brenda’s Got A Baby”) where we learn the story of a young woman trying to make it out the ghetto.

Then finally, we reach “Mirror.” A full reflection track in which Q pulls himself back from ending it all with a real ass talk. Here, he sorts his life and emotions, ensuring himself that by getting help and refocusing his mind, he can achieve anything.

The 7 is raw & from the heart. One of Q’s most intimate project’s thus far. Indulge and check out the visuals to “Hollywood” below.


“Los Scandalous Times”

“Window Pain”



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