There's 16 Circles In This Image, Can You Spot Them?

We all had the same reaction at first glance.... "wth is she talking about? what circles? what is she on? I want what she's having." 

But give me a chance to explain. After you get over that cruel stage, go back and look at the picture.

I was so confused at first too but once I actually saw the circles I let out a good "WOW. I'm dumb." Once you find the circles, it'll take you a sec to be able to see the rectangles again! 

But some of you might not be able to see it still and want the answer... I have the answer for you but I really want you to try one more time! Just one more time.... 

Are you sure you don't wanna check out the picture and figure it out ONE MORE TIME BEFORE YOU GET THE REVEAL?!


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