Police Department Tweets Out "WORST Punishment EVER!"

Prison is not somewhere you want to end up...I've never been but that's what i've been told, so I'm basically... passing the torch down to you.... it doesn't make complete sense but just go with it.

So what's the headline about? 

A Michigan Police Department sent this tweet out hoping that people would be scared and commit less crimes! 

HA! That's just some "extra motivation." I don't need to even tell you how Twitter reacted... IT WAS HILARIOUS! But there was one person who seemed not to care! LOL.

The internet is awesome when they're not dragging people just for the purpose of dragging them and East Lansing Police department has the BEST Twitter account! They're SAVAGE AF. But don't worry, they were just kidding about the "Stranger Things" spoilers... so if you were planning on going for the spoilers... save that trip, Google it.

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