You Might Puke When You Find Out What's REALLY In Our Food!

The reality is we all try to live a healthy lifestyle (keyword: TRY), but sometimes, we like to have cheat meals. Or days, or months...or, okay I'm getting sidetracked already.

Anyways, if you are what you eat, what if you were a beaver's backside? 

Yeah, I'm serious. A channel did a segment on Real Food Revolution, and man oh man, it's crazy to get a reality check like this one.

Some of the things found include antifreeze, beetles (I just had "Beetlejuice" flashbacks), wood, wax, and even hair. 


We send food back when we find hair in our food, but damn, the food is already made WITH HAIR? I'm floored. 

Alex Kann from Community Channel definitely has the right idea; we all WANT to have better diets, but I'm not about to be taking a page from Farmville and start growing all my food. 

Ain't nobody got time fo' that. BUT, the least we can do is be more aware, right?

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