The Inside of This Dogs Ear Looks Like Donald Trump!

Animals + Social Media = Instant Happiness. :D

You mean to tell me you don't log on to Instagram and scroll through the cute animal accounts? 

Don't lie. I don't plead the fifth, I'm definitely guilty of that.

And then, on some social media platform, you stumble on a discovery, something like a dog owner discovering the exact image of Donald Trump in her beagle's ear. 

Yeah, cool stuff like that.

Did you catch that?! 

Let's take a moment... let this sink in, go back and look at it.....

You're zooming in on your dog's ear for whatever reason (no judgment here), and you are smacked in the face with Donald Trump's face. 

Like, what up Mr. President? 

Shouldn't you be out in the world making our lives better and all that, and not hanging out in my dog's ear? 

But that's none of my business though. 

Okay, all jokes aside, it is discoveries like this one that just puts a cheesy smile on your face. 

Just go with it! 

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