'Sopranos' & 'Goodfellas' Actor Frank Vincent Dead At 78

Frank Vincent, most known for his roles on The Sopranos and Goodfellas, passed away during open heart surgery on Wednesday (September 13) at the age of 78.

He played family boss Phil Leotardo, Tony Soprano's enemy, on HBO's insanely popular series. He's played many similar roles throughout his career, commenting that with his Italian-American heritage came many stereotypical roles.

 "I think 'The Sopranos' probably solidifies the misconception that people have about New Jersey to begin with," he told NJ.com. "Because you're from Jersey, and everybody has an accent, you are perceived a certain way... (Hollywood) needs a gangster, they call me or Joe (Pesci). An Italian-American? Frank or Joe... It is who you are."

Rest in peace, Frank. You will be missed!

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