Ray J's Dog Locked In Closet By Construction Worker, Found Unconscious

This broke my heart!

Ray J and Princess Love returned from an anniversary/birthday vacation to find their Maltese baby Coco unconscious, locked in a closet. According to sources, the dog had gone about 4 days without food and water.

The couple's home is currently under construction and one of the workers had locked Coco in the closet to get her out of the way while he was working, and then forgot about her. 

According to TMZ, "when they found Coco she was having seizures. They rushed her to the vet, where she was treated for 4 days. They shelled out more than $5k in vet bills."

"We're told Coco suffered permanent organ damage and has to undergo kidney treatment for the rest of her life. Ray and Princess are considering their next move."

Such a devastating story. I can't even imagine what Ray J and Princess Love are going through. 

Read more via TMZ.

photo via Getty

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