Recap: Real Dub Show 2017

It was a toasty 87 degrees on this Sunday afternoon at Angels Stadium in Anaheim. Everyone came early to visit all the vendors on site but the crowd quickly started to pack in for the show.


Big Boy Music's artist, TayF3rd, held it down pre, during, and after the show! He kicked off off the show and (despite the heat!) set the bar high on the "energy level" scale.


Not to be outdone, Kid3rd kept the energy up and eventually threw his shirt into the crowd no doubt to cool off!


AD has been known to jump into the audience during his set. It was no different this go around. He brought "I got the juice" nearly into the car show exhibition area!

King Lil G

When King Lil G hit the stage it seemed all of his fans were right there in the front row reciting almost every lyric. He through the non-latinos for a loop by announcing that he was going to take everyone to a Mexican party and dropped the classic Ramon Ayala song "Tragos Amargos" and had the place LIT!


Perfect set from RJ and as he would say he kept it Brackin!

O.T. Genesis

O.T. never disappoints! The moment he set his Jordans on stage he turned UP to 1000! Respect to him for putting the show on pause while they tended to a young lady apparently affected by the heat. As soon as she was situated he picked up where he left off and ended his set with a C-Walk session.

Fetty Wap

By the time Fetty Wap hit the stage the crowd had grown in size and if you look closely someone was bouncing around a huge handmade Fetty Wap portrait. 1738 love runs thick!

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane literally arrived minutes before his set and as soon as the staged was cleared he jumped on to perform...and a few minutes later so did a random fan! Check out the clip below where a fan SOMEHOW got on stage to steal a hug!

Behind the scenes photos

It really was a great day of fun for the Real 92.3 family. Having a chance to connect with the listeners is truly an awesome experience for us! Check out some of the BTS photos from the day.

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