Here Are All The 2017 Dates That Mercury Will Be In Retrograde

Necessary information.

According to, when planets go into "retrograde" they appear as if they are moving backwards, which has been known to cause confusion, delay, and frustration among us humans. 

However, the site also says that these times, especially when Mercury appears to be in retrograde, can heighten intuition, AND that coincidences can be "extraordinary."

That's not all bad, is it?

Welp, if you're one of the people negatively affected by Mercury's random movements, here's when the planet is scheduled to be in retrograde for the remainder of 2017:

  • August 13 to September 5
  • December 3 to 23

The site warns us to plan ahead. Maybe finish any large, important tasks you have going on before these times just to be sure nothing gets effed up, and "remain flexible, allow time for extra travel, and avoid signing contracts."

All good to know!

Happy Retrograde! 

photo via Getty

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