OMG: Mystery Bug Leaves Man's Arm Covered In Painful Bruises

Arizona man Thomas Jay says he was either bitten or stung by some sort of bug while taking out the trash earlier in the month, and whatever it was has caused his arm to break out in large, painful bruises.

“I just felt this excruciating pinch, this pressure, this bite or a sting … and [I] immediately went and swatted the bug off,” he told Phoenix’s KTVK.

The bruises started small, then spread all over Jay's arm in a matter of hours, according to Jay's wife Dee Petrov. He then spent days in the hospital. 

While doctors are still waiting for the biopsy to come back, they believe what bit him was most likely a camel spider. Ew.

Be careful when you're taking the trash out, people! Apparently, there's some sort of bug out there that can really mess you up.

See more photos and video HERE!

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