She Had Pain In Her Ear So She Went To The Doctor.This Will Make You Cringe

She felt something painful in her ear and thought she was going deaf because she couldn't hear anymore so she went to the doctor. The doctor took a look and immediately figured out what was going on, she had a fungal infection in the outer ear canal. Once the doctor removed the blockage, her hearing went right back to normal!

 Looking at the picture before even clicking the video made me cringe, but it's satisfying! (We all have some kind of issue and this is mine.)

"Massive removal of ear wax in a lady who complained of ear deafness, pain and discomfort at the affected ear. 

Earwax build-up turns out to be a massive formation of fungal ear infection called as otomycosis. Removal of fungal debris using ear scoop or ear curette was done , ear wax suctioning was also performed with the application of hydrogen peroxide solution that acts as an antiseptic and ear wax softener." via YouTube

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