Family Awakened By 15 Pounds Of Sausage Crashing Through Their Roof

A Florida family was reportedly jolted awake by pounds of bagged sausage crashing through their roof. Travis, Jennie and Austin Adair were completely unaware of what was happening, saying it all "sounded like thunder."

The crazy thing? It doesn't seem like the bags were thrown at the house from below, but rather they fell from the sky into the family's home and onto their lawn. 

The packages were marked “Williams Land Service,” a land management company in Alabama, but they say they had nothing to do with the incident and don't know where the sausage came from. When son Austin Adair called the company, and the person he spoke with had no clue what he was talking about.


The Adair family sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to discuss their meat issues.

video via Youtube

photo via Jimmy Kimmel Live


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