Chad Johnson Wants To Bail Out Impersonator After Louis Vuitton Debacle

A Florida man attempted to grab $18k worth of Louis Vuitton merchandise by telling them he was former NFL player Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson. The man was eventually arrested.

When Johnson caught wind of the story, he had two reactions. One was to speak on the fact that since someone tried to impersonate him, he was now officially famous...

"I am officially famous now, my cheap ass barely spends 18k a year let alone in one store," he wrote under an IG post, "I only shop at urban outfitters, H&M, Zara, Target & thrift stores as most of you know who actually have followed my cheap ass throughout the years but this flattering. I'm fucking famous now."

His second reaction was to take pity on the man who was now locked up. 

"Find out his info so I can bail him out," Johnson wrote under The Shade Room's post on the matter, "it's enough of us locked up as is."

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