'Girls Trip' Will Have You Crying

I just saw an advance screening for 'Girls Trip' and I will admit, I wasn't expecting that many laughs. 

Man, was I wrong! 

I don't care what color of the spectrum you come from, if you've ever had your own, clique/crew/posse/Scoops/DuckTales/besties... whatever, then this movie is WAYYYYYY relatable. 

OK, maybe not everyone will relate...

But if you are not on that level of laughs and memories- you are definitely missing out. But I digress...

'Girls Trip' had me in all types of moods. And it seemed the entire theater was in agreement. There were not only laughs, but also tears from laughing so hard. There was also some dancing happening on the seats.

...No, I wasn't the only one. 

Everything about the movie was on point. Other than the powerful, VERY good-looking cast from women to men (here's looking at you *fanning my face* Larenz Tate and *clears throat* Kofi Siriboe), it had perfect comedic timing; and enough drama to get the, "MmmHmm", eye rolls, and even some "No this, MotherEffer did not!" expressions out of the audience. Not to mention the jams that movie soundtrack has, definitely took me back... back into time. 

The movie made me feel like I was part of the, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish's "Flossy Posse". Towards the end, I did not want it to end. 

I won't give too much away, but I will say this, 'Girls Trip' is EXACTLY what my soul needed. I HIGHLY recommend! Just make sure you go with the group of friends who will enjoy every snort/cackle (wait, is that just me?) with you without judgement (OK, maybe just a little judgment). 

I rate it: Movie theater, movie rental, pay the streaming fee, going into the DVD collection (yes, I still have one) worthy!

Oh! And I'm sure I don't need to remind you, but this is NOT a kid friendly movie. Not even for the, "my kid is in the 13 -17 age group and I'm being their best friend and letting them act grown" friendly. Just don't. 

Make sure to catch the queen herself, Queen Latifah tomorrow on, Big Boys Neighborhood

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