Spanish Teacher Pleads Guilty, Video Leaks Of Her Having Sex With Student

After a video surfaced on the internet of former teacher Ekatherine Pappas having sex with a male student, she fled the country. 

The Reisterstown, Maryland high school officials notified the Police Department's Crimes Against Children Unit after becoming aware of the video and came after Pappas. She had only been employed by the school for a few weeks before the video surfaced and it all hit the fan. Pappas reportedly then booked a ticket and fled to Colombia.

Pappas was arrested at the airport when she returned to the states a few weeks later.

"The victim, who was 16 years old at the time, informed authorities that she told him on two different occasions in December to leave during school hours, and then they drove to his home," Complex reports. "It was during one of these encounters that the recording took place. Pappas's attorney Craig M. Kadish claims she was unaware that she was being recorded."

Read more of the story below: 

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